Save your Life and your Loved ones

What if you or your loved ones need fast medical attention?

What if help doesn’t arrive in time?

What would be the outcome?

Before first responders can help you, they need to find you first. They need your help in identifying your home. If your house is more visible it will save them valuable time. Especially at night or inclement weather conditions. The time wasted locating your home could be the difference between life and death.

Statistics show that the people who are saved during a heart attack are shocked on average within 5 minutes and 30 seconds from the time the 911 call is made.

Home accidents kill one person every 16 minutes and injure one person every 4 seconds.

Did you know most accidental deaths of children happen at home?  Next to your car, your home may be one of the most dangerous places for your child.

While you’re reading this thousands of 911 call have been made, somewhere is the United States 9 people have had heart attacks and 3 people have died.

Guide Light Can Help You and First Responders

Guide Light will draw more attention to your home and bring help right to your door. Guide Light is visible day or night or in poor weather conditions.

Guide Light is impossible to miss. The flashing red light will notify your neighbours and first responders that help is needed.

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