Innovation is a passion and I use my free time to invent. I am gratified to learn that Guide Light is helping people stay safe. – Tony

Tony with super power businessman, Richard Branson

Our dedicated License professional technicians at Safety Aid have been servicing Toronto Greater Area for more than 25 years. With so many years of experience under our belts dealing with customers in all ages, we know what dedication, skill, and customer service mean for our industry.

 We understand the safety and needs of families and seniors in our community and we have made it our mission to insure they are safe living at their home in comfort by providing all types of home repairs remodeling, modification and adaptation.

We provide 24 hours emergency service. We are offering a broad range of emergency and non-emergency services, and we fully guarantee or workmanship. When you need a plumber, electrician or even a carpenter we are just a phone call away.

Now you can relax and be worry free as we can offer you a technician at Safety Aid who is fully trained and certified to effectively complete your work. After spending more than 25 years helping families and seniors throughout GTA, we can say that we are experts in what we do.

We know firsthand all seniors want to be independent and want to live at their homes as long as possible. Yes we can help. We know exactly what makes a home safe and comfortable for families and specially seniors.

At Safety Aid not only we provide home repairs and renovations we also provide safety product to ensure your safety.

We offer special discounts and deals to all of our customers specially seniors whom are on fix income.

We donate a portion of our sale to help and support those who can’t make the necessary safety improvement to their homes.

If you need a plumber to install faucet, sink or to repair broken pipe, or an electrician to help you with your project installing a light fixture, replacing a fuse or motion light  we are confident that we can help you quickly, efficiently, lower price and with the highest level of customer service possible.

We successfully meet your needs and requirement; we even exceed your expectations when it comes to quality, deadline and budget set by our client.

Being one of the leaders in Safety, Home repairs and Renovations industries for GTA, one of our GOALS that we maintain is “SAFETY & QUALITY” Safety and Quality is Our Pride. We are committed with every project that we do.

We understand your needs changes day by day and that’s why Safety Aid is based on finding a solution to your problem. We find the best way and most of all the safest way possible to ensure you’re comfortable living at your home.  .


At Safety Aid we ensure all materials needed are readily available for your project to ensure continuity of the project. Planning ahead of time contributed to “No Delays Policy” and meet deadline set by client.

Your safety is our goal and we make sure you will receive everything in writing before we start your project to assure you there won’t be any surprises after the job are done. You know the price before we start.


Safety Aid holds excellent reputation in meeting your deadline, from planning, execution to finish your projects. Safety Aid has significantly, invested extensive training to all of our personnel.
We are using latest technologies and trends to save time and money.  A monthly evaluation report per project is being implemented by Safety Aid to ensure the safety and security of our clients.

Seniors Aid is committed to help seniors in our community by helping and supporting various Senior Centers by providing variety of services such as Home modifications and adaptations, Safety training and products in addition to financial support. We also assist individuals in the community from the revenue generated through our services and sales. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

 innovation is my passion and I use my free time to invent. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me. Many of my clients have come to me and presented challenges they are facing with daily living tasks, if you have one and are stuck finding a solution, contact me and I’ll make sure to find a solution to your problem. We are dedicated ourselves to make sure our seniors are safe and live comfortable.