At Safety Aid we provide a safe home environment for families and  seniors. We keep families safe and help seniors to live independent.  

Recently we have invented a new light bulb to keep you and your family safe when an emergency strikes. Seconds count in an emergency and anything that can save a precious second has to be seen as valuable.

It’s been documented that emergency response time is of vital importance to the outcome of a 911 call.  Also documented are the delays in finding addresses in an emergency situation. The patent pending Guide Light will help save lives! 

Before first responders can help you, they need to find you first. They need your help in identifying your home. If your house is more visible it will save them valuable time. Especially at night or in inclement weather conditions. The time wasted locating your home could be the difference between life and death.

No more delays, no more wasting time looking for house addresses, first responders now can find your house faster.

You don't realize how quickly everything can fall apart until it does.

What if emergency strikes without warning?  What if life as you know it completely turned on its head.

What if everything familiar becomes anything but,

Before emergency turns your family’s life upside down, It’s up to you to be ready.


Guide Light is not just a light bulb is a Life saver
While you reading this thousands of 911 call has been made. Not every 911 emergency calls are for cardiac arrest, however there are some other serious home accidents.
A small investment gives the gift of life.
Guide light can draw more attention to your home and brings help right to your door. The flashing light is impossible to miss. Guide light can save your life.
You don't realize how quickly everything can fall apart until it does.
Many people assume accident never happens to them and its only happens to others.
Don’t let the ones you love become a memory.
In a crisis, every second counts and time is always the enemy.
Calling 911for help is one thing and getting help on time is another. Before first responders help you, they need to find you first.



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